Keeping your family in mind.

Dandenong Family Lawyers is the largest dedicated family law firm in the Dandenong area. At Dandenong Family Lawyers, you and your family are our priority.

At Dandenong Family Lawyers we understand the ups and downs of family life and that things do not always go to plan.

Our role as your local Dandenong family lawyer is to help you work through the legal process and end up with a tailored solution for your family.


The expert trained legal team at Dandenong Family Lawyers work through all types of family law and legal issues, including:

  • Separation and divorce
  • Property and financial settlements
  • Living arrangements for children
  • Spousal maintenance and child support
  • Businesses and family trusts
  • Family violence orders/intervention orders
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney connected with your family law matter
  • Victims of Crime Compensation connected with family violence


Every family is different and at Dandenong Family Lawyers we understand the emotional and disruptive influence a family law dispute can have on every member of your family.

Our goal is to make your experience with family law as positive as possible. We will work with you to provide you with strategies to get the right results for your situation.

We are committed to providing information and advice in a timely manner so that you concentrate on moving forward with your life.

To arrange an appointment with a family solicitor at Dandenong Family Lawyers please call 03 9792 0221.



Separation and Divorce

We will help you with your divorce and arrangements for your children and property. We can prepare and lodge the Divorce Application for you. If there are family violence issues we can help you make or defend an Intervention Order Application or Victim of Crime Compensation Application.


Children and Parenting Arrangements

Dandenong Family Lawyers can help you with agreements and orders about where children live, what time they spend with each parent and arrangements for schooling, medical needs and other special orders.  We know that separation also affects extended family. We can help with time for children with grandparents and other significant people.  If you need legal aid, we can assess whether you are eligible and apply on your behalf.



Financial Support and Property Division

Good and timely legal advice is critical to ensure you understand your entitlement to division of property, debts and superannuation and financial support for your family.  Our family law solicitors can help you resolve disputes about spousal maintenance, adult child maintenance and child support. Our lawyers will advise you on your options for negotiated settlements, Binding Financial Agreements, making and responding to Court Applications and using mediation services.


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New Relationship Financial  Planning

Binding Financial Agreements may be made before entering into a marriage or defacto relationship and help you to plan for your future.  Binding Financial Agreements may also be made during your marriage or defacto relationship or following the breakdown of those relationships.  Dandenong Family Lawyers provide advise on, as well as draw, those agreements in a way which is tailored to your individual needs .

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Wills and Powers of Attorney

Family Breakdowns may present a need to make or update a Will or Power of Attorney. Good advise is very important.

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Family Violence and Intervention Orders, Victims of Crime Compensation

We can help you make or defend an intervention Order Application or a Victims of Crime Compensation Application.