Divorce Lawyers

Formalising your separation and divorce

Dandenong Family Lawyers are experts in all areas of divorce.  Our role is to guide you through the process to ensure you understand the steps involved and the financial settlement options.

Our Dandenong solicitors are best placed to deliver the results you and your family need to move forward with the resources to which you are entitled.

You must have been separated for more than 12 months to legally divorce.

Dandenong Family Lawyers can assist you with the legal issues of your separation and divorce.

Child arrangements and legally binding property and financial issues can all be worked through during the initial separation phase.

At Dandenong Family Lawyers we pride ourselves in working in partnership with our clients.  We understand the emotional issues associated with separation and divorce and support you through the process.


Divorce and separation are issues that are worked through sensitively with your lawyers in Dandenong to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.  Let us help you in the areas of:


  • Filing for divorce
  • Arrangements for children and property
  • Financial agreements, including superannuation and property


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