Binding Financial Agreements

Protect Your Premarital & Family Assets

Financial agreements including pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements are a legally binding way of insuring any and all of your assets when entering into a marriage or co-habitation agreement.

As a private and legally binding contract under the Family Law Act, a financial agreement will help insure that assests, superannuation and liabilities will be divided in a fair manner agreed upon at the start of the relationship in case of separation and maintenance needing to be paid by either party at the end of a relationship. Having the discussion and creating a plan before hand will be help avoid ugly confrontations and heightened emotions getting in the way at the end.

Often referred to as a “pre nuptial agreement” or a “pre -nup” it is a financially binding agreement. Dandenong Family Lawyers can help you prepare a financial agreement and the ways to discuss with your partner to reach an agreement ¬†before moving in or getting married. You can still create an agreement after you have started living together. We can help you by giving you detailed advice so that you are fully informed of the legal implications of any agreements that you come up with.

Dandenong Family Lawyers will help you once all agreements have been reached on how to finalise the plan as a legally binding contract, as there are many strict requirements to abide by. With years of negotiating experience and the highest standards of practice we help you to gain the best level of protection.

Avoid costly, stressful and devastating disputes by calling Dandenong Family Lawyers today so that you can have a happier and financially secure future.