Property Settlement Issues

Professional advice for property settlement

When a couple separates there is the added issue of finalising their financial relationship.

Dandenong Family Lawyers provide professional expert advice for all property and financial settlements.

Property and financial settlements depend on many different issues, including each partner’s contribution, both financial and in the home, care of the children and future earning capacity.

Before making any decision about your financial situation it is important to talk to Dandenong Family Lawyers who can ensure all the necessary issues are considered.

While the family home tends to be the most obvious financial and property asset, there are a number of other areas that need to be considered.


Our solicitors can guide you through the financial settlement in all areas, including:

•          Superannuation

•          Investment properties

•          Shares

•          Business investments

•          Family trusts

•          Debts

•          Capital Gains Tax

Your Dandenong Family Lawyer will work out a situation that is best for you.  Call today on 03 9792 0221.