Spousal Maintenance

Income support after separation

After the break-down of a marriage or de-facto relationship there are some circumstances where spousal maintenance (sometimes referred to as alimony in other countries) may be necessary.

Spousal maintenance is financial support – either ongoing or paid as a lump sum, which is paid to one partner to support continued living expenses.   This is outside of the issue of child maintenance support, which is specifically for the child/ren.

Dandenong Family Lawyers will work with you to decide if spousal maintenance is something that needs to be considered in your situation.


Spousal maintenance payments are not an automatic part of every divorce or separation settlement. There are a number of things taken into consideration including:

  • Standard of living during the partnership
  • The ability to earn income and at what level
  • Property settlements
  • Future standard of living
  • Health and age


Dandenong Family Lawyers will examine all aspects of your individual separation and financial settlement to ensure you receive all your entitlements.

We understand that each situation is unique and spend time with our clients to work through all your current and future circumstances.  Call us on 03 9792 0221 to discuss.